Buy DDA Compliant Handrailing Systems Online


  • Warm to touch Corrosive free
  • Low maintenance Lightweight
  • 80% lighter than steel, 30% lighter than aluminium
  • Easily fabricated
  • High strength and dimensional stability
  • Non-conductive and thermally insulated

All profiles are made to EN13706: Pultruded Profiles for Structural Purposed; entirely at our production facility in the UK.

The system is designed in accordance with BS4592-0:2006

High Quality
We sourcase all Glass fibres, Matts and Resins from quality sources within Europe. In order to provide a quality finish; We never use a stitch matt on the outside surface.

Great service
Why wait 10 weeks for imported material to arrive? We have smaller volume runs too, and all fittings are held in stock.


Non Corrosive
Our material cannot corrode, is not affected by salts, water, oils, acids or alkaline. It is also unaffected by temperature variances. Thus it’s lifespan is far superior to any steel based handrails.


Non Conductive
No grounding to earth is required and so SUREGRIP GRP Handrails are ideal in locations near potential sources of electricity.


Made in the UK
With our low cost operation, fast turn around times and high quality; it really does make sense to buy from a UK source. Give us a try on your next project!