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Pendine Sands Anti Slip Installation

Pendine 005Pendine Tyre Track – SureGRP Ltd Ltd were asked to manufacture 350 linear meter Anti slip surface with a tyre track impregnated into the surface to a purpose built concrete curved structure.

Pendine Sands, on the bay of Carmarthen, stretch for seven miles from Gilman Point in the west to Laugharne Sands in the east. The beach is made up of hard-packed sand and due to its flatness and length it was the ideal spot in the early 1900’s for land speed trials.

In April 1926 Parry Thomas drove his famous car, Babs, at a mean speed of 170.624mph over a mile, setting the new land world speed record at Pendine. The competition to beat this time was hotly contested and, in another attempt to regain the record at Pendine, Parry Thomas crashed and died in March 1927. The car was lost until 1969 when enthusiasts uncovered its remains and restored it to its former glory. It still visits Pendine each summer and is proudly displayed in the Museum of Speed close to the scene of its record breaking attempts.

The seaside resort of Pendine has lost business over recent years, pertly due to poor links between the village itself and the vast beach. The approaches to the village give no clue to the proximity of this great asset. Carmarthenshire County Council recognised this and have instigated a number of regeneration schemes in the area. They commissioned the landscape architects, Fiona Cloke Associates, to design and implement a series of enhancement schemes on the approaches to the village.

Pendine 013The tyre track bank is a key element in the gateway to the village with clear links to the sea front. The sand coloured surfacing is imprinted with a pattern which emulates that on the tryres now on Parry Thomas’s car, Babs.

While grappling with the practicalities of how to apply sand like surface (with tyre treads) to a 1 in 2 incline, Fiona Cloke contacted SureGRP Ltd who reacted enthusiastically to the challenge of fabricating panels for the bank. They had no hesitation in proposing various solutions and have remained closely involved in the project development. The successful scheme is a tribute to their tenacity and determination to achieve the original concept.