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StrucTread Load Bearing AntiSlip Stair Treads


  • Quick And Easy To Install
  • Assumed Life Span Is 75 Years.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Enhanced Slip Resistant Product
  • Made In The U.K.
  • U.V. Stable



StrucTread Anti Slip Stair Treads

StrucTread Anti Slip Stair Treads

Specification Of SureGRIP 50mm Thick Structread

The suregrip 50mm stair tread plank flooring is a pultruded three piece construction, The stair tread system is for large spans and specialist applications.

Used where solid flooring is required.

The product is manufactured from a poltruded 37mm core section with a 6mm hand laid woven roven flat Grp bottom plate with a rear riser section that is up to 170mm.

The top plate consist again of a one piece woven roven hand laid Grp section with a fabricated nosing ( Front Riser ) section integrated to the front.

The properties of all the sections are the same fibreglass and resin these sections are then laminated to form the full stair tread carcass section required.

A Graded quartz grit is then encapsulated into the surface, to provide an abrasive, durable, surface.

6Nº M6 csk socket head hidden fixing incorporated in to each tread with 4Nº 25mm x 250mm stainless steel clamping bars underneath fixed to pins using stainless steel domed head nuts

The Tread comes complete with visual sight lines and the product is available in your choice of colour.

The product provides excellent impact and loading characteristics and is fast and easy to install with low maintenance.

In relation to 60years you will see from our British standards testing that the product was tested and after tests equal to 25 years the product was still classed as a enhanced slip resistant product

Next to no deterioration took place so the assumed life span is 75 years.

Click here to view a StrucTread PDF diagram.



This product has been accepted by Network rail and installed, further more the product has been accepted by British Airways for the passenger stairs.

Clearly as we manufacture the material we can manufacture the product in whatever thickness you require or length width etc.

Load testing of the panel 1500mm x 320mm was undertaken and loaded with a point load at the centre.

The load test was undertaken to failure which was 3.5 Tonne ( 35K/N ).We note that the specification in prefabricated systems is of sustaining a point load of ½ a Tonne ( 5K/N ).

We therefore trust that this load test meets with your requirements.

The load tests clearly demonstrates that the product is not only equivalent but substantially higher and greater than what is required in the document.