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Our Suregrp anti slip product comes with a 25 year guarantee, we can produce 4mm thick sheets, but for the rail environment we provide a 6mm thick product. This gives the robustness for mass passenger traffic. The treads and nosings can be shaped to overcome ponding and provide adequate surface water runoff. Manufactured and coated under one roof in the UK and installed by our teams of dedicated fitters. All DDA compliant to British and European standards.

We are 100% confident our product is superior in quality to others and offers a noticeable cost saving to our clients. Our standard lead in for non slip surfaces is 1 to 4 weeks depending on the quantities involved. This is non comparable in the market. The standard 25 year guarantee also cannot be compared.

You might not be  aware but we have recently been passed to supply Network Rail but for many years we have been supplying most County Councils Blue chip company’s  such as Tesco Sainsbury’s. We have also supplied to other rail companies and the product is purchased on a regular basis by these people.

squarenoseOnly recently we were awarded works for Balfour Beatty for the Olympic Aquatic Centre and a large contract for Gatwick Airport. These are to name all but a few of our regular clients.

The SRV value of Suregrp in the wet is greater than our competitors SRV value in the dry. Our competitors product is around 3.5mm thick for stair treads ours is 6mm Thick. We manufacture to your required dimensions.

All our Suregrp anti slip surfaces are manufactured by hand and have a quartz grit that is impregnated into the surfaces. The grit is pre coloured so it is not sprayed to colour, and the quartz is overlaid with a resin flow coat to help with its durability.

All Stair treads are manufactured to suit your requirements (the nosing are usually 55mm) and  the risers have a highlighted frontage and the first 55mm of the going is highlighted in a visual highlighted colour for the visually impaired (usually yellow or White).

The going is of your colour choice. All our half landings or quarter space landings come complete with a nosing that is incorporated into the sheet again giving it a high durability. All landing areas as well as having the nosing incorporated into the sheet can have tactile incorporated into the section should you require.

Our Suregrp anti slip stair treads have been passed all as per sample that was passed off on 07/07/11 REF:  Network Rail All as per DFT Guidelines and BS8300:2009+A1:2010

We are at present working on Railway Stations and have in recent months completed many different  contracts for rail works.

Suregrp has a guaranteed life span of 25years minimum.

Our suregrp anti slip surface stair treads can be manufactured in  6mm or 10mm thicknesses.

Full height riser can be achieved if you wish, with high visual sight lines (55mm) with another colour on the bottom of the riser  – please see the below photos for examples

Half landings, quarter space landings, or mid landings can come manufactured with the riser section incorporated as well as the corduroy tactiles also incorporated in to the system if you wish.

On old staircases, where the original treads have become worn and have developed a recess or void on the tread, we can manufacture you a 10mm thick tread to help take out the depression.

We can also manufacture you a tread that is 10mm at the rear of the tread, and 6mm at the front, so it is wedged shaped. This would help the water not pooling and throw the water from back to front.

Overbridge type long stair treads can also be manufactured, see the photos below.

Rake back type risers are also available, should you require them.

Stair treads available any colour, and any size .